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The mission of the LIBA Foundation is to educate, strengthen and support the Lincoln business community through youth education, charitable donations, entrepreneurial assistance, and perpetuation of the Lincoln Independent Business Association.

LIBA Foundation Mission Statement

About the LIBA Foundation

The LIBA Foundation was established in 1996 to provide a means by which funds could be collected to support LIBA and the Lincoln business community, while providing tax advantages to donors. The LIBA Foundation works to promote its mission through several projects, including sponsorship of Student Vote, contributing to the LIBA scholarship program, and sponsorship of Junior Achievement. Looking to the future, through continued financial contributions from community members, the goal of the LIBA Foundation is to establish a permanent home for LIBA, and provide the support needed as LIBA continues to grow and expand.
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620 N. 48th Street
Suite 205

Lincoln, NE 68504

Tel: 402-466-3419


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